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By Mike Hyland, President and CEO It’s difficult to observe the recent spate of violence in our country and not be shaken.  Last week, we watched law enforcement track down...

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Shared Living


Shared Living serves adults with Developmental Disabilities who are in need of a welcoming home that can provide ongoing support.  The person is matched by Venture with an individual or family who has been recruited and screened as a Shared Living Provider.


The ultimate goal for the individual and the Shared Living Provider is to establish a mutually  supportive relationship…


As part of Venture’s responsibility to place an Individual into a Shared Living Provider’s home, the agency recruits, screens, trains and provides ongoing support to the Provider. The Provider is expected to meet the needs of the individual through a “person centered plan” which is designed to respect the unique needs and wishes of each person served.

Becoming a Shared Living Provider

Venture is currently seeking compassionate, supportive caregivers (preferably households with no children) in Central, North Central and Southeastern Massachusetts who are willing to share their homes and lives with an adult with developmental disabilities.  Orientation, training, respite care, and a tax-free annual stipend are provided to Shared Living caregivers.

Immediate opportunities in:  Worcester, Auburn, Paxton, Boylston, W. Boylston, Leicester, Holden, Shrewsbury, Sturbridge Area.  Providers and respite also needed in regions throughout the state.  First floor bedrooms and full baths preferred, but not required.  Contact Barb Fontaine for more info

Eligibility to Become a Shared Living Provider

  • Age 21 or older
  • Possess a valid driver’s license
  • Successful completion of a CORI, RMV and OIG background check
  • Own or rent your own home or an apartment
  • Able to provide personal care
  • Provider may be employed elsewhere

Shared Living Provider Guidelines

  • Provide the Individual with a safe, clean, and comfortable home
  • Assist with and schedule the individual’s medical and dental appointments
  • Ensure that physician recommendations are being fulfilled
  • Administer medications if needed
  • Assist with cultivation of daily living skills
  • Develop a relationship with participants based on mutual respect
  • Foster community involvement, social development and positive relationship building
  • Assist individual in maintaining their relationships with families and or guardian if needed
  • Ensure the overall wellbeing of the participant and welcome them into the family unit

Caregivers will receive orientation, training, respite support, monthly in-home visits with a Case Manager and a tax-free annual stipend

Download Application

For more information about the Shared Living Program, please contact Barb Fontaine at 508-347-8181 ext. 1129

How Do I Become a Shared Living Provider

  • The Program Director will conduct an initial phone screening with you
  • You will receive an application in the mail that should be completed and returned to Venture.
  • The Program Director will review the application and contact you
  • Once the application is approved, you will be required to fill out a CORI, OIG and RMV background check
  • Upon completion and receipt of an approved background check, a home visit will be scheduled.
  • The Program Director will then determine if you and your home qualify to be part of the Venture Shared Living Program.

When Can I Expect to Have an Individual Matched with Me?

After becoming an approved Shared Living Provider, the Program Director will begin working to make the best possible match for both the individual and the provider.  While it is our hope to place an individual with you as quickly as possible, we want to be mindful in our matching process in order to be successful in developing a mutually supportive and long lasting relationship.

Can’t Commit to Being a Full Time Shared Living Provider?  You Can Become a Respite Provider.

A Respite Provider receives a paid stipend to:

  • Provide respite to Shared Living Providers when they are in need of taking time away from the individual they have living with them. The respite provided may cover the Shared Living Provider’s vacation, personal or family time.
  • Provide respite to individuals who may be in transition from one home to another.
  • Provide respite to individuals whose current home situation is being disrupted by an unforeseen emergency or other circumstances.

The Respite Provider can provide respite care to individuals in their homes or if requested in the Shared Living Providers home.

Eligibility Requirements to Become A Respite Provider are the same as outlined for the Shared Living Provider.

For more information about the Shared Living Program, please contact Barb Fontaine at 508-347-8181 ext.1229 or bfointaine@venturecs.org 

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