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ANCOR Advocacy Week

20 08 18

This week is Advocacy Week at ANCOR, our national trade association that represents more than 1,400 community providers of services to people with disabilities.  We are joini...

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Supported Employment

Venture’s Supported Employment Program provides people with developmental disabilities the support and training needed to experience personal growth and success in the workplace.  This model helps individuals achieve independence and self-esteem through competitive employment, encouraging them to work within their communities and develop new skills to assist them in their careers. Individuals are placed in environments that best suit their interests, preferences, and abilities.  Together with their job coach, the individual develops and works toward established goals. The Supported Employment Program consists of four steps:

  1. Assessment – Thoughtful review of individual’s interests and abilities
  2. Job Development – Researching potential employment opportunities, analyzing transportation options, and assistance with job applications and interview preparation
  3. Job Placement – Evaluation of the job description and assessment of further training
  4. Job Coaching – Counseling the individual about workplace performance, expectations, and social interactions so they may eventually be able to work independently

Individuals are currently employed at: Stop & Shop, Auntie Annie’s, McDonalds, Town of Monson

If your business is interested in hiring someone from Venture’s Supported Employment Program, please contact Kevin Hughes at 774-922-1143 or khughes@venturecs.org.

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