Direct Support Professionals Week – Thank you!

September 15, 2015
Posted By: Kerrie Mason

The week of September 13-19 provides an opportunity for all of us to recognize a group of dedicated individuals who do an extraordinary job under challenging circumstances every day of the year: Direct Support Professionals Week is a time to honor the commitment of those who dedicate their time, skill, and compassion to helping others.  The needs of countless children, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly are met on a daily basis by a workforce that still does not get the credit they richly deserve.

Every day in our country there are people who go to work so that individuals who need help can remain safe and connected to the community.  These professionals bring with them an abundance of skill, patience, and kindness, all vital tools when doing a job that is often accompanied by long hours and insufficient pay.  Whether working in a group home or a hospital or in the home of someone who needs help, these people create a safety net that is ultimately what protects a vulnerable and too often marginalized population.   Direct Support Professionals do this with little glory but with astounding results.  They are truly the lifeline that people who need assistance depend on every single day.

The work done by each of these professionals is difficult and often trying, but yet this large portion of the American workforce continues to make a difference in so many lives.  It would be unfortunate if the community did not take the time to recognize the incredible work being done by Direct Support Professionals on a daily basis.  I shudder to think what we would all do without them and I hope everyone will take the time to offer a quiet thank you to those who selflessly support so many in need.


Mike Hyland

Venture Community Services

President and CEO

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